Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The true destroyers of Mosques & schools

Another seminary razed in Lakki Marwa.
Tuesday, 04 Aug, 2009

LAKKI MARWAT: Security forces demolished another seminary in Bachkan Ahmadzai area of the district on Monday.

Official sources and eyewitnesses said that law enforcers besieged the religious seminary, Jamia Miftahul Uloom, on Monday morning and blew up its several rooms and a water tank.

‘The seminary situated was believed to be used as a sanctuary by militants,’ sources added.

They said that heavy contingent of law enforcement agencies personnel were deployed in the area between Malang Adda and Tajori to make the operation a success.

‘Security forces first directed the students and teachers to leave the madressah and then they demolished its rooms with explosives,’ eyewitnesses said.

On Sunday, security forces and police in a joint operation had demolished Jamia Siddiqia in Lakki city.

The deputy administrator of Jamia Siddiqia, Maulana Amir Sultan, told journalists on Monday that demolition of seminary caused them losses of Rs1 million.

He said that forces did not recover any weapon nor they arrested any militant from the madressah.


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