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Judging by what is apparent...

Muhammad Bin Ishaq reported that Abdullah bin Abbas said that before the battle of Badr, the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said,

I have come to know that some people form Bani Hasim and others were forced to
accompany the pagans, although they had no desire to fight us. Therefore, whoever
meets any of them, do not kill him. Whoever meets Al-Abbas bin Abdul-Muttalib,
let him not kill him, for he was forced to come (with the pagan army)

Abu Hudhayfah bin Utbah said, “Shall we kill our father, children, brothers and tribesmen (from
Quraysh), and leave Al-Abbas? By Allah, If I meet him, I will kill him with the sword”.

When this reached the Messenger of Allah (SAWS), he said to Umar bin Al-Khattab,
O Abu Hafs” and Umar said, “By Allah that was the first time that the Messenger of Allah(SAWS) had called me Abu Hafs”.

Will the face of the Messenger of Allah's uncle be struck with the sword?

Umar said, “O Allah's Messenger! Give me the permission to cut off the neck (meaning Abu Hudhayfah) for he has fallen into hypocrisy, by Allah”.

Ever since that Abu Hudhayfah used to say, “By Allah! I do not feel safe from the statement coming back to haunt me, and I will continue to fear its repercussions, unless Allah, the Exalted, forgives me for it through martrydom.” Abu Hudhayfah was martyred during the battle of Al-Yamamah, may Allah be pleased with him.*

Ibn Abbas said, “On the eve after Badr, the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) spent the first part of the night awake, while the prisoners were bound. His companions said to him, 'O Allah's Messenger, why do you not sleep?' Al-Abbas had been captured by a man from Al-Ansar, and the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said to them,

I heard cries of pain from my uncle Al-Abbas, because of his shackles, so untie him

When his uncle stopped crying from the pain, Allah's Messenger (SAWS) went to sleep”.**

In his Sahih, Al-Bukhari recorded a hadith from Musa bin Uqnah who said that Ibn Shihab said that Anas Bin Malik said that some men from Al-Ansar said to the Messenger of Allah (SAWS), “O Allah's Messenger! Give us permission and we will set free our maternal cousin Al-Abbas without taking ransom from him.” He replied,

No, by Allah! Do not leave any Dirham of it.”***

And from Yunus bikkir, from Muhammad bin Ishaq, from Yazid bin Ruwman, from Urwah, from Az-Zubri that several people said to him, “The Quraysh send to the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) concerning ransoming their prisoners. And each tribe paid what was required for their prisoners. Al-Abbas said, 'O Messenger of Allah! I became a Muslim before.' The Messenger of Allah said,

Allah knows if you are Muslim, If what you are claiming is true, then Allah will
compensate you. As for your outward appearance, it was against us. Therefore, ransom yourself, as well as, your nephews Nawfal bin Al-Harith bin Abdul Muttalib and Aqil bin Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib, and also your ally Utbah bin Amr, from Bani Al-harith bin Fihr.

Al-Abbas said, 'I do not have that (money) O Allah's Messenger!', The Messenger (SAWS) said,

What about the wealth that you and Umm Al-Fadl buried, and you said to her,
'If I am killed in this battle, then this money that I buried is for my children Al-Fadl,
Abdullah and Quthm'?

Al-Abbas said, “By Allah, O Allah's Messenger! I know that you are Allah's Messenger, for this is a thing that none except Umm Al-Fadl and I knew. However, O Allah's Messenger! Could you count towards my ransom the twenty Uwqiyah (pertaining to weight) that you took from me (in the battle) ?”

The Messenger of Allah said, “No, for that was the money that Allah made as war spoils for us
from you”.

So Al-Abbas ransomed himself, his two nephews and and ally.

*At-Tabaqat, by Ibn Sa'ad 4:10. This Hadith is not authentic.
**At-Tabaqat, by Ibn Sa'ad 4:13. There are two chains for this Hadith, one is unauthentic, the other is authentic, but there is no mentions of a companion in it, so it is Mursal.
***Fath Al-Bari 7:373.

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