Monday, May 11, 2009

Statement by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the mass martyrdom of the innocent people of Farah Province

Those who pretend to promote peace and development have once again drenched some of our defenceless and innocent compatriots, most of them women, children and old people, in their own innocent blood in Ganjabad and Grani villages of Balabolok District of Farah Province under the pretext of peace and freedom. 

This is not the first time the Crusader beasts have resorted to such savage acts against the persecuted nation of Afghanistan and it will not be their last shameful crime in their successive inhuman atrocities in Afghanistan either. They have quenched their thirst of barbarism and terror with the mass martyrdom and wounding of thousands of defenseless human beings and the destruction of their homes on hundreds of occasions in various parts of Afghanistan. 

Every time the savage invaders commit such inhuman actions, martyring innocent women, children and the elderly in their barbaric bombing, they either describe all the civilian deaths as those of their so-called opponents or attribute them to wrong intelligence by their cowardly spies. 

However, if one looks at the reality these criminal actions by the invading aggressors, one sees they are part of a deliberate plan aimed at making the mujahed nation of Afghanistan to give up their rightful resistance against them. 

But the invading and ruthless Crusaders are seriously mistaken because shedding the blood of one innocent Afghan will in fact lead to the opening of a new invincible trench of revenge against the infidel aggressors. 

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while sharing the sorrow of the grief-stricken families of these innocent Muslim martyrs is announcing the following points in connection with this tragic incident: 

1. The Muslim and mojahed nation of Afghanistan should strengthen the trenches of resistance and defence in order to prevent such atrocities by the invaders. It is only jihad and resistance that can punish the aggressors and can lead to rescuing the persecuted nation from their evil. 

2. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls upon the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the international court for war crimes and the human rights organizations that they should no longer turn a blind eye on the inhuman crimes of these criminals. Instead they should take action against them and fulfil their ethical and humanitarian responsibility by prosecuting them and bringing them to justice. 

3. The Islamic Emirate in turn also warns the invading White House administration, led by Obama, the NATO and the respective countries and people of all the foreign invading forces stationed in Afghanistan that such atrocities against innocent Afghans could bring a bitter message of a reciprocal revenge reaction throughout the world - a kind of reaction as a result of which nowhere will one feel safe and secure. 

4. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the Islamic Emirate once again calls on the leader of the powerless Kabul administration and its spineless officials to make themselves fully aware of the harsh consequences of their cowardly assistance and support to the savage invaders. They must know that one day for sure they will be brought to justice before their mojahed nation for these savage crimes. They should evaluate their future as supporters of the foreigners and think of saving themselves. 

وسیعلم ال*ذین ظلموا أي منقلب ینقلبون . 
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan 
12 Jamadulawal 1430 [7 May 2009] 

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