Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saudi- U.S. Conference on Economic Plans they DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

This series of lectures is hidden without title on an obscure video site. This conference was held in April with the New America Foundation, a centrist, FRIENDLY FASCIST think tank with a very radical vision for a neo-imperialist world. These links lead to a discussion of the Middle East policy that continues to drive the kaffir regime in Saudi Arabia deeper into the arms of the international bankers and they outline much of the steps they will take as the U.S. seems to suggest it will now prop up Saudi Arabia as regional superpower in the near future. The links below follow through the whole event and you will see that from Peter Robinson -VP of Chevron through Chuck Hagel, once considered Obama's running mate, and through Brezinski the Trilateral Commission Guru and Turki Al-Fasial traitor from the Kingdom and good friends of the Bush's. The array of speakers at this festivity should surely bring headlines; however, interestingly, there is no mention of it in the press. For those that are unaware that the kowtowing to the Pope and the U.S. is only so the World Trade Organization member K.S.A can pursue its plans to become the center of finance in the Middle East, this may be an eye-opener. Of course King Abdullah Financial District, home to the new Mid-East financial district, has already been infiltrated by the Jews and of course the price is the blood, honor, and resources of the honor have been sacrificed, but these videos for those with some political and economic background are crucial to see. Of course those Saudi Salafis, not able to understand any of what is said in these videos, probably wouldn't be interested, but those that really want to work for Islam must understand topics like these as ecconomic warfare kills millions more than what we see in Iraq and Afghanistan every year and few even mention or understand the complex financial changes unfolding before our eyes. Please check out these videos and know that a truly Islamic Financial Order without interest, without specualtion, with Zakat and the shariah will rescue the world... Nothing less!!! Come to the Solution! Come to Islam!

Video links are at the bottom of the pages these links take you to the transcripts... Please let us know what YOU THINK at revolutionmuslim@gmail.com

Peter Robertson
Chuck Hagel
Turki Al Faisal
Q and A

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