Saturday, May 9, 2009

Reflection on Obama and Address in Egypt

Below are two articles in reference to Obama and the Muslim ummah. The propaganda of this adminstration is incredibly deceptive. Over the last 72 hours the Taliban have been accused of responsibility for the deth of over 100 civilians at the hands of indiscriminate air attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan has been given the order from the U.S. master to start a civil war, and now Obama will make his address to the Muslim world, something we predicted long ago and describd in detail while we brought you the most accurate analysis and activism during the siege on Gaza despite our limited resources (See Article below) . There is good news that they are willing to compromise as the Quraish also experienced similar notions along the way towards their efforts to dismantle Islam and we know the more they do will only create more support for this deen. However, the deception seems to run higher than ever with this new fake Jew in the White House. Brothers and Sisters this only highlights the need for the Muslim ummah to help to organize instiutions and media outlets that can describe the truth and facts through all the lies and we tell you that soon, inshallah, we will analyze the current events affecting the ummah on paltalk discussion rooms. So, we ask that you e-mail if you would like to be informed of these events and that you pay attention to this day and age where the liar will be portrayed as the teller of truth and the teller of truth the teller of lies. It is obvious they will now use Obama's popularity to engage in severe terrorism against our brothers and sisters in order to attempt to deter the movement for Islam. We must speak out if only to prevent those that are sincere fomr believing the lies and decpetion. May Allah (SWT) protect us and allow us to seperate the truth from the darkness. Amin!

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