Monday, May 4, 2009

Mahmoud Mamdani DESTROYS Save Darfur Academic John Prendergast

We hear of Sudan and the recent attacks on Basheer as a call to yet more "humanitarian interevention" by dominant powers in the world over the weaker states due to genocide and atrocities committed against indigenous populations. In this debate John Prendergrast, a close ally of the Obama Adminstration, and its push to justify intervention in Sudan and from there Africa generally gets destroyed by Mahmoud Mamdani, academic from Columbia University in New York City. Many Muslims will justify intervention in Darfur and the general concensus is that the world powers should intervene. This debate makes it clear that this is yet another example of democritization utilized as a justification for neo-colonialsim. We tell the brothers and sisters of Sudan to return to Islam as a counter-ideology and to prepare for a struggle that it seems grows closer everyday. Please familiarize yourself with the facts behind this situation. Mahmoud Mamdani is an authority on international law and Africa especially. While he sights the problem and the ultimiate solution as a regional one he is correct, but what Africa really needs is an Islamic solution and we encourage brothers and sisters in that region that have miraculously managed to create the prospect of that occurring to continue in their efforts. It is truly inspiring to see the fruits of your efforts. May Allah (SWT) guide you to success and protect us all from the onslaught of Western imperialism.

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