Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The invaders of October will meet the fate of the Perpetrator of April Coup dentate

No doubt, the abhorrent coup d'état of April 28, 1979 and its fall-outs, reminds every Afghan with pure conscience of a painful and wicked stigma on the face of the political scene of our prideful country. It is the starting point of all our tragedies, conflicts, destructions etc. Due to the coup d'état, we lost more than 1.5 million of our countrymen; several millions took refuge in other countries or were made handicapped. The infrastructure faced complete destruction; national wealth and other social institutions disintegrated and the country fell victim to foreign interferences.The pro-Russian communists resorted to committing crimes for the achievement of their objectives. They trampled down on the Islamic and Afghan values, killing the common people and torturing them. They put thousands of Afghans either into jails or buried them alive under the ground. Not only that. Thousands of common people were lost without a trace. These were the reasons that compelled the Afghans to turn to a populous uprising. With the assistance of the Almighty Allah (SWT), the uprising of the Afghans gained momentum day by day. The Afghans showed an extraordinary resistance, sacrifices, suffered hardships but dealt a crushing blow at the perpetrators of the April coup d'état. As a result, not only they were defeated but also their master( the former Soviet Union ) faced fiasco. They fled from Afghanistan; the whole empire including the Warsaw Pact crumbled down. The Afghans rightfully hoped to take a breath of solace after the fall of the Kabul communist regime. They hoped that their dreams would come true following the sacrifice of 1.5 million martyrs and establishment of an Islamic regime. But their hopes and expectations were dashed to ground due to power struggle among the so-called Jihadi leaders and commanders. Even these leaders entered coalitions with the communists and started the fire of domestic war in order to safeguard the interest of foreigners. Factional fightings began in all cities and streets . A wave of fiefdom infested the country. Plundering arbitrary check points, raping, putting hot oil on miserable dying people ( called dance of the dead—the victims being mostly Pashtuns) hammering nails into their heads; cutting breasts of women mercilessly and other hundreds of heart-renderings crimes were committed during the factional fightings. These crimes juxtaposed the Afghans nation in a closed alley. The Afghans did not know who would deliver them of this quagmire. It was a special mercy of the Almighty Allah (SwT) that the Islamic movement of Taliban emerged in this critical phase under the leadership of the Leader of the Faithfuls Mullah Mohammad Omar. They put an end to the mischief, corruptions and plundering; established an Islamic system as per the desires of the people and in line with the objectives of Jihad, ushering in a phase of security, consolation and justice. However, the global power of arrogance could not tolerate existence of the Islamic Emirate. It weighed hard on them. Therefore, they started poisonous propaganda, beefing up their mercenaries against the Islamic Emirate, funding their war expenditure directly and indirectly. These arrogant powers assembled the traitors of the dreams of the Afghans in a part of our country and encouraged them to start the fire of war. However, when the West found that the warlords and gunmen could not face the forces of the Islamic Emirate, they launched a black propaganda, claiming the Islamic Emirate was jeopardizing their interests and the enemies of the West were hiding in the country. The Islamic Emirate tried to convince them to adopt a policy of rationale and pragmatism; to leave the policy of arrogance and tyranny. But they opted for military approach and forming Christian alliance, launched attacks on our country in October 7, 2001. Occupying the country, they the shed the blood of more than one hundered thousand Afghans; tortured one million more and launched all the conspiracies in their power to uproot the Islamic, cultural and traditional values of the Afghans.Now it is for the last eight years that the front lines of Jihad and upheaval have remained hot, gaining momentum day by day. The evil alliance should understand that the Red army and their quislings were not able to subjugate the Afghans, though they were more than you in terms of the numbers of troops and presence but the Afghans did not retreat from their Islamic and national values. You are weaker than they were. You are a frightened army versus the voluntary tactics of sacrifice (kamikaze attacks) ; you should know that this country is not ready to accept you. All your chances for advancement have lost their viability and your conspiracies are doomed to failure. Better for you to ponder over the fate of the Russians and their henchmen; choose a logical way out less you should not be able to find a way of escape. The Afghan nation will not accept any compromise or conspiracy in the presence of the foreign troops that still more based on buying time and duplicity. --Black be the face of the perpetrators of the April coup d'état . --Humiliated and debased be the fate of the October invaders.Official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban).

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