Friday, May 8, 2009

Deflation Today - Hyperinflation tomorrow???

These two pieces represent a nice synopsis of the potential catastrophic consequences of Obamanomics...
Essentially what was reported today is nothing more than a cold and calculative effort by the government to get one last bailout for the banks as stress stessed were revealed, but the policy is to save the debt-based consumerist system as it exists and so they are either deliberately or non-deliberately setting thmeselves up for absolute chaos in the long-term. There will be a burst with this stimulus but then the dollar may very well start a rapid decline and so we, inshallah, will keep you updated aqs the economic situation unfolds, but we implore you to understand economics as an essentia component of saving the world with Islam as all revolutions had certain economic components to their makeup. E-mail economics questions to and we will respond appropriately.

Younus Abdullah Muhammad

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