Monday, May 25, 2009

Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghrib statement on British Hostage

Al-Qaida’s Committee in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM):
“A Communiqué Regarding the British Hostage”
Dated: May 20, 2009
“Thanks due to Allah, and prayer and peace upon Allah's messenger and upon all his family and companions and supporters, and thereafter.” “After the expiration of the period given to Britain by the mujahideen regarding its citizen hostage, and the request of the British negotiator to the mujahideen for an additional time to investigate the file, we declare to public opinion that we will provide an additional final extension estimated 15 days starting on the end of the first time limit. ““And, it is a final chance from the mujahideen to exonerate themselves of Britain's excuses and to exhaust all its delays, and for the British public opinion to know that the mujahideen when they execute their threats next time, their [British people] country will take full responsibility in the continuation of its injustice and violations of the rights of prisoner sheikh Abu Qutadah al- Filisteeny, may Allah release him and his Muslim brothers. “ “We call through this statement the family of the British hostage to pressure their government, and we assure them that this extension will not happen again and it is a valuable and final chance for them and their government before executing the threat, and he who warned shall be excused. “
Al-Qa'eda in Islamic Maghreb

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