Saturday, March 21, 2009

Daily News 3/21/09

Crown Heights Hasidic Community Swindles The USA Govt. Out of $100,000 & Blames RevolutionMuslim.Com For Their Communities Reckless Behavior!!

FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques, Muslim groups say

  • Story Highlights
  • Ten Muslim groups say they may suspend ties with FBI
  • FBI: "Limiting honest dialogue ... is generally not an effective advocacy strategy"
  • Group wants probe into arrest of Afghan man whom FBI accuses of terrorist ties
  • Statement expresses fear that FBI "programs are quelling lawful dissent"

Treasury Plans to Offer Loans to Buy Bad Assets - Latest Geithner Flimflam - Government-backed 95% equity loans to banks to buy toxics assets from other banks at a steep discount.

GOLDMAN SACHS = Obama's biggest backer?

Blackwater sued over Iraq coverup

Barack Obama tells Iran to choose between terror and peace

Aides to President Ahmadinejad welcomed the appeal for a ‘new beginning’ but urged the US to change its attitude

Webmaster's Commentary:

What Obama is telling Iran is that he'll call off the war as long as Iran goes along with pretending the misunderstanding was their fault to start with.

Iran is not buying into that, of course.

And Israel wants a war between the US and Iran and doesn't care how it gets started.

US navy vessels collide near Iran

Two US navy vessels, including a nuclear-powered submarine, collided in one of the Middle East's key oil routes today lightly injuring 15 sailors and causing oil prices to rise.

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