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Aafia Saddiaqqi was Held in Baghram - Release Her!!!

A Pakistani woman charged with attacking US army officers in Afghanistan last month has told her lawyer that she was in US custody for years, despite claims that she was only arrested last month.

Aafia Siddiqui, who is accused of being a key al-Qaida operative, disappeared five years ago. Now being detained in New York, she said she had been held elsewhere for years and was tortured.

Her US lawyer, Elaine Sharp, who interviewed her for three hours on Wednesday, said her description of the place she was detained meant it could only be Bagram, the US base in Afghanistan.

"The abuse was horrendous, it was physical, as well as psychological. It was torture," Sharp said. "When you're locked up in such a place and treated so horrifically, they don't exactly give you a calendar, but she says it was a very long time, years for sure ... They [her captors] were Americans, there's no doubt about it."

While Sharp declined to give details of the alleged abuse, Siddiqui's sister, Fauzia, told a press conference yesterday in Islamabad that Siddiqui had been "raped repeatedly". Sharp said Siddiqui was not getting proper treatment for a bullet wound, which may have gone septic.

The lawyer suggested it was the impending US election, that led the authorities to put Siddiqui on trial through the regular criminal courts, rather than sending her to Guantánamo, where almost all other al-Qaida suspects have been held.

"It's the November elections. And they've chosen New York, home of the Twin Towers, where sentiment is most prejudicial."

The US department of justice did not return calls seeking a response, while the US army in Afghanistan said a spokesman was not available.
SOURCE: The Guardian

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Hamza Yusef Loves Britain brings you a prime example of how so-called leaders of our Muslim communities are compromising and altering the message of Islam exactly as the RAND-Corporation has proposed. Look out for heavy funding for this type of rhetoric as the War on Terror unfolds and emancipate yourself from inservitude to the camp of shaytan by being able to analyze, interpret and refute their lies!

There is an old but new phenomenon amongst Muslims today that finds the “leaders” of Islamic communities bent over backwards to please the enemies of Islam. As the RAND Corporation issues its call to fight the mujahideen covertly and to engage in a battle of hearts and minds in the Muslim world ( while building Moderate Muslim Networks, “to amplify the moderate message and to provide protection from violence and intimidation” for voices that accept democracy, civil society and implicitly the domination of Muslim wealth, natural resources and political and economic decision-making by the West in exchange for government and non-profit funding (, Muslims committed to rescuing the ummah from oppression and tyranny are destroyed and silenced from within as much as from without. The Rand Corporation essentially defines the Moderate as one who rejects the Islamic state (p66) and replaces Shari'ah with civil law (p66-p68). A prime example of this is in the discourse promoted by Chief-Moderate Hamza Yusef. We implore you to listen to the lecture posted above and notice the compromise, indignity and pathetic nature of this man’s call to Islam. We have highlighted some of the inaccuracies below to show how one who sounds so good can be so very far away from the truth. Allah (SWT) says:

There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life May dazzle thee, and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of enemies. (2:204)

You will see him quote the ayah 8:61 “If they incline to peace you incline towards peace,” totally disregarding the context and preceding verse which orders the Muslims to, Prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to terrorize thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them, whom you do not know but Allah knows them; and whatever thing you will spend in Allah's way, it will be paid back to you fully and you shall not be dealt with unjustly (8:60). Notice the verb “terrorize them” in the preceding ayah. He fails to mention this ayah in any of his contemporary lectures and rather chooses to take from context here to justify the funding the Radical Middle Way has received from the British government as he disregards the condition that says “if they incline towards peace” and sets a precedent prior to compromise or treaty. Yet, have the British fulfilled this condition with all of their troops on Iraq and Afghanistan soil, with the faulty intelligence their government produced in regards to Sadaam Hussein’s acquisition of yellow cake, an ingredient in nuclear weapons, their primary partnership with America in the War on Terror, and their unfettered support in the past for the colonialization of Muslim land?

Watch as remorse is put forward and excuses are made for British conquest of the Welch, Scots, and Irish but no mention is made in regard to the history of British imperialism in the Muslim world as Mr. Yusef softens the history of the British Empire, an empire that in many ways still continues to this very day albeit via means by which Mr. Yusef would consider conspiracy theories and the ramblings of uneducated members of the Muslim ummah he feels go merely screaming and yelling for no apparent reason as they watch this Dajjalic mentality destroy the deen . The occupation of Palestine is said to be small in comparison to the occupation of the Welsh as he sheds tears for the brave and valiant figures of British history and complements the British on their domestic rights by claiming that no freedom of speech exists in the Muslim world but neglecting to mention that the primary reason you are dragged away in chains in the Muslim world if you speak out against the government is predominantly due to the imposition of dictators over Muslim nations by the West and the funding and monopolization of force that protects them against sincere brothers and sisters who have long fought for the return of the justice of the shariah.

Perhaps Mr. Yusef is unfamiliar with the paradox of empire in that the domestic citizenry reaps rights and liberalism at home while the oppressed overseas, oftentimes disregarded as uncivilized barbarians, pay with the sweat of their brow and blood of their backs for the demand the rise in domestic citizenry creates for an increased quality of life. So too, the contemporary British-American Anglo-empire seeks not to incline towards peace but to control and preserve the institutions of control they have funded against sincere Muslims, regimes like the Mubaraks, Musharrafs, House of Saud, and the United Arab Emirates, all spawns of the British that sit as part of its financial empire still today. What these moderates fail to recognize is the malicious nature of empire and its utilization of soft and hard power. These proponents of the “radical middle way” play into the hands of the dominant power structure in that they serve to create a dichotomous divide in this ummah like the hypocrites of old who claimed to be from amongst the Muslims when they were with them and on the side of the kuffar when they were with them. There is no doubt that with the changing tactics in the War on Terror moving from direct to indirect force and influence and the possibility of a Barak Obama election that would impose his neo-liberal, speculator controlled candidacy (I.e. George Soros and Warren Buffett) that the means by which the natural and human resources of the Muslim world will be controlled will shift into an ideological promotion of false peace doctrines comparative to the interventions of the Cold-War, justified by the existence of the Communist aggressor, covert and ruthless in their nature, yet righteous and moral in the face of the global populace and public eye.

These so-called leaders must not understand the nature of disbelief, the nature of Pharaoh and they are therefore unqualified to lead. Whether it is Siraj Wahhaj praying for the U.S. in the Senate or retracting his previous accurate observations, Khalid Yassin raising money for a media outlet that does not seek to reestablish the Islamic State, Hamza Yusef crying for Britain, or the sheikhs and other notables that will so too vie for limited funding from the advocates of the “battle for hearts and minds,” they are all incapable of discerning the reality of the present situation. They are what Malik Al-Shabbazz or Malcolm X termed House Niggers when he claimed, “Back during slavery when black people like me talked to the slaves they didn’t kill him, they sent some old house Negro along behind him to undo what he said. You have to read the history of slavery to understand this. There were two types of Negros, there was that old house negro and the field negro and the house Negro always looked out for his master; when the field negroes got too much out of line he held him back in check, put him back on the plantation. The house Negro could afford to do that because he lived much better than the field Negro.” This is the exact condition today; sincere Muslims like the group at come along and warn the Muslims only to have some others come behind and clean up the mess because they are looking to reap the crumbs of the master. It is only when the people of the Muslim communities rise up and acknowledge this that there will be any chance for those seeking autonomy for Islam, dignity for the Muslims, and the cessation of the real terrorism against our brothers and sisters for real progress for the ummah. They are quick to point to the great efforts of the civil rights movement in gaining rights for African Americans in their country and are either unable or deliberately don’t see the reality that the institution of slavery is clearly alive and well in their countries today. We ask only that you analyze the content and consequence of speeches like these objectively and support us in our efforts to counter this rhetoric, however unlikely you may feel our chances are for success.

These “leaders” can be found frequently calling for shariah compliant home mortgages and investing while the major international financiers create shariah compliant departments inside their leading international banks in order to sucker the Muslims into believing there is really a shade of difference between the models. Everything that is Shariah compliant enters the Muslim news press; take for example the dominant publications from the Muslims in the West today where you will find countless ads and articles on how to become an assimilated Muslim. Assimilated Muslims like assimilated Africans, Native Americans, and the indigenous tribes western civilization has steamrolled in the past never get rights. They get second rate citizenship and the loss of culture, religion, dignity, and most importantly their native land and resources. One thing that rarely happened in the history of Islam until the present age is the complacent acceptance of second place and the total dismantlement of the shariah.

Tears roll down the face of this man as he contemplates the effect his performance may have on the United States’ interest in funding his very own Zaytuna Institute and advancing his goofy Sufi claims. He continues and sheds tears for Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale, however, serves as the typical Betsy Ross, Daniel Boone, or Andrew Jackson imperialist myth. The liberalism of these individuals overshadows the actual affairs of the era. The Crimean War, in which Florence Nightingale played a part by nursing causalities, was a British means by which control over the land route between India and Europe was protected in British hands. This was a classic British, empirical, self-seeking intervention coincident to Britain’s’ great Opium War of 1839-42 where the East India Company forced the Chinese to legalize opium so they could continue their lucrative drug trade. The Crimean War sent troops of impoverished Brits to aid the Ottomans against Russia and only to protect British interests. Therefore, shedding tears for Florence Nightingale is equivalent to honoring the efforts of military doctors in Iraq while forgetting to condemn the occupation of that country. Hamza Yusef is a good Muslim in the eyes of the West, while the people he hates the most, those working for the Islamic State, become “bad Muslims” as James W. Loewen explains in his book Lies Across America, “To soften invasion narratives, conquerors often highlighted the stories of natives who helped them. Americans might call these "Tonto figures" after the Lone Ranger's famous sidekick—the archetypal "good Indian," always ready to help track down the "bad Indians" and outlaws who menaced whites on the frontier.”

He proceeds to complement William Wilberforce who in his eyes fought for the abolishment of the slave trade, but his sheer naiveté and ignorance of the history of western imperialism, doesn’t know that William Wilberforce was put in to deploy the call for the end to the slave trade only because the British noticed that most of the slaves they were importing from Africa were going to the French Indies where Santa Domingo served as the home of the most lucrative plantation in the world because of France’s utilization of British slaves. The British recognized that ending the slave trade would decrease Santa Domingo’s output of sugar, cotton and indigo and give control over the European market for those goods to the British East India Company. In India slavery was officially over, but still continued in the wages that were offered to Indians at pennies for the day (something very analogous to the contemporary realities of globalization). In 1786, William Pitt, a student of Adam Smith, asked Wilberforce to take over the campaign to end slavery because Wilberforce had a good reputation and only for the interest of British imperialism. This is well-known amongst real academics. Unfortunately, Mr. Yusef is not one and therefore his tears shed for the good citizens, Wilbur Wilberforce and Florence Nightingale, are in vain and his love for the kuffar becomes evident despite Allah (SWT) saying,

As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one thinks it to be water, until he comes to it; he finds it to be nothing. But he finds Allah with him who will pay him his due. And Allah is swift in taking account. (Quran 24:39)

Think of Hamza Yusef as a young graduate with a degree in Fine Arts. The individual entering the real world from their studies discovers that the society has little need for artists as it has much too much invested in producing cheap imitations overseas. The artist has two choices: enter a different field or struggle and compromise their art or producing for the elite class, calling it exquisite craftsmanship. The artist, in order to compete with all the other artists however, must craft exactly the style and version of art the elite class desires. He must struggle to schmooze and play the “social game” in order to survive and succeed in his profession. Surely were an imam to speak and call on behalf of the shariah in the West, he would immediately lose his community support and salaried position as imam. Were leaders to speak the truth their community would replace them with others that would fulfill their desire to remain amongst the middle class inside the domestic Empire. This is a test Allah (SWT) sends to the learned and skilled, a test Sufi’s like Mr. Hanson have failed throughout time.

Take for example the parable set forth in the Quran; Allah (SWT) commands,

And recite to them the narrative of him to whom We give Our communications, but he withdraws himself from them, so the Shaitan overtakes him, so he is of those who go astray. And if We had pleased, We would certainly have exalted him thereby; but he clung to the earth and followed his low desire, so his parable is as the parable of the dog; if you attack him he lolls out his tongue; and if you leave him alone he lolls out his tongue; this is the parable of the people who reject Our communications; therefore relate the narrative that they may reflect. (7:176-77)

Abdullah bin Masod (RAA) narrated that this verse was revealed about a scholar by the name of Balam bin Ba’ora, a scholar from Yemen and Bani Israel who Allah had given knowledge of his ayats but who when requested to make supplication against Musa (AS) when Jerusalem was invaded, accepted because he had become accustomed to the lifestyles of kings he was surrounded by. Allah says that he is like a dog because of his leaving the signs and knowledge of Allah for the life of this world; this sheds light onto this contemporary phenomenon of compromise and “moderation.” (see tafsir Ibn Kathir). Any group which manages to gain the support of an anti-Islamic Government should be suspicious. During the reign of the tyrant Mustafa Kemal, under whose leadership thousands of scholars were executed and Islamic practices banned, special permission was granted by the Turkish government in 1954 allowing the Mawlawi dervishes of Konya to perform their ritual dances. In fact, they have become a regular attraction nowadays, performing around the world along with their Turkish Mystical Music State Ensemble. The Sheikh of the Naqshibandi's of America has greeted and received praises from the President of America Bill Clinton himself and Hamza Yusef sat and clapped while President Bush announced the invasion of Iraq in 2001 and made excuses for the President when he called the War on Terror a “Crusade.” Why wouldn’t they love “leaders” who call for pacifism while they bomb, rape and murder innocents overseas and set the sights on the rich resources of the Muslim world. Hamza Yusef and his ilk are a dream come true for imperialists. These “scholars” are the Tontos in the ummah today as Tonto figures always play an important ideological role in explaining and excusing the elimination of natural peoples by colonizers. When European Americans today honor "good Indians" by putting up their statues or marking their homes, they are trying to define themselves as "good white people." Whites deserve the country, goes the implicit argument. Look—here are the good Indians who welcomed us to it and helped us take it. The same is true of what they are trying to do to the Muslim world and only understanding this reality can help one to change it.

As Malcolm explained that one must understand the history of slavery to protect one’s self from repeating it, we too must perform the unrewarded task of refuting the lies and misconceptions of the ummah. As he described his own situation, “And today you still have house Negroes and field Negroes; I’m a field Negro.” The field Negroes of the day may always be outnumbered and subject to the deceit of those too close to the master’s home, but they are those rare moments in history where they gain victory over their oppressors. The life of Muhammad (SAWS) is the best example of this. The life of all revolutionaries lives and breathes the essence of the underdog as guerilla warfare serves as the emancipatory means by which liberation is achieved. Somewhere between the barrel of the gun and the oratory of the radical lies the shade of swords that serves to propel the lifeblood of the martyrs, their sacrifice the means by which the human experience is defined. One who doesn’t know of this emanicapatory emotion knows nothing of the purpose of existence. We challenge all Muslims to shed the intellectual inservitude posed on them by those who stay silent in the face of oppression yet call themselves the leaders of the land. Rise up Ya Muslimoon and strive hard against the enemies of Allah (SWT) and call to the book of Allah in its entirety and actuality for Allah (SWT) warns:

Surely those who conceal any part of the Book that Allah has revealed and take for it a small price, they eat nothing but fire into their bellies, and Allah will not speak to them on the day of resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they shall have a painful chastisement. (2:174)

And His (SWT) punishment is severe.