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Summer Dawa Tour 2008 - U.S. Foreign Policy 7-4-08

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Lal-Masjid Commemoration

REVOLUTIONMUSLIM.COM Commemorates Lal-Masjid Martyrs and Calls for the Repulsion of the Kafir Musharraf Regime

Allahu Akbar!!!

Musharraf – Mockery, Massacre and Martyrdom
The Tale of Lal Masjid
July 17, 2007
It is only in regards to those who fought against you on account of religion,
and that have driven you out of your homes, and helped to drive you out, that Allah
forbids you to befriend them.
And whosever will befriend them, then those are the Zalimun (wrong-doers) (60:9)
If it looks like Bush, sounds like Bush, walks, talks, and acts like Bush, it must be a Pro-
American puppet-ruler over a predominantly Muslim land. It seems every politician on
the planet feels the need to play an active role in the largely fraudulent “Global War on
Terror.” Still, the plausibility that there will eventually be a return to a functioning,
secure “Islamic State” can increasingly be discerned despite incessant efforts to quell
every attempt to even facilitate the possibility. There has been Afghanistan, Sudan,
Somalia, and the like and all have been beaten back tragically with violence and with the
subsequent blame being placed on the “terrorist, Muslims.” But developments concur
that there are still major sections of many Muslim countries that are willing to sacrifice
great efforts to realize this cause.
The recent scenario in Pakistan is much the same, yet is full of elevated importance as
Pervez Musharraf, in his best Bush impersonation, has murdered innocent civilians,
manipulated catchphrases of “terrorist” rhetoric, showed that military force is his chosen
diplomacy, and in turn has advanced the cause of the very people he claims to be
fighting. In analyzing the complex multi-dimensions of the recent Lal Masjid massacre,
this dictator’s love for sadistic murder and betrayal becomes apparent. He, like other
rulers over Muslim lands, is an apostate oppressor bent on seeking self-interest and
protecting his secular lusts.
These recent developments in Pakistan couldn’t have occurred at a more problematic
time. The War on Iraq is in full-fledged failure, the resurgence of the Taliban in
Afghanistan is widely documented, and Muslims all over the world are returning to their
religion in packs and hordes. A July 12, 2007 United States intelligence summary, Al-
Qaeda Better Positioned to Strike the West, says the movement's leadership has
regrouped in its safe haven along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area and restored its
operating capabilities. John Kringen, who heads the CIA's analysis directorate, echoed
the concerns about al-Qaeda’s resurgence during testimony and to reporters at a house
armed services committee hearing on Wednesday July 11, "They seem to be fairly well
settled into the safe haven and the ungoverned spaces of Pakistan," Mr. Kringen testified.
"We see more training. We see more money. We see more communications. We see that
activity rising." And so with the declaration that Al-Qaeda had secured a safe-haven in
Pakistan and pressure mounting from the West, Musharraf had no choice but to show that
he too could get “Tough on Terror.”
Now, with more Muslim blood on his hands, Musharraf has no choice but to continue on
fighting yet another American proxy war. His true face as puppet has never been clearer.
This article will analyze the present situation from a social, political, and historical
context and should inspire all to support the replacement of this oppressive regime with a
truly-Islamic government.
Pakistan separated from British India in 1947. It is the home of our dear Kashmir and has
a rich history of Islam. It has 164 million people and has been led by one apostate since
June 20, 2001, Pervez Musharraf. During the nineteenth century the region served as a
buffer between the British Indian Empire and czarist Russia and was manipulated like
much of the Muslim world through proxy wars and espionage through what the British
termed the “Great Game,” protecting its cash crop in colonialist expertise. It is the home
of Maulana Abdul Maududi, the first complete theoretician of the modern Islamic State
and the organization Jamaat-e-Islami. The country served as an aid to the mujahideen in
Afghanistan and bears record to much internal political dispute. A struggle between
nationalist and Muslim, essentially the battle between Islam and disbelief.
عَلَیْكُمْ سُلْطَانًا مُبِینًا أَوْلِیَاءَ مِنْ دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِینَ أَتُرِیدُونَ أَنْ تَجْعَلُوا لِلَّھِ یَا أَیُّھَا الَّذِینَ آمَنُوا لاَ تَتَّخِذُوا الْكَافِرِینَ
O you who believe! Do not take the kuffar as allies in preference to believers, or do
you wish to present an open proof against yourselves to Allah [Nisa’a 4:144]
Pervez Musharraf is a prime example for the secularist agenda. He is an idolizer of
Mustafa Ataturk, that secular leader of Turkey who destroyed Islamic rule at the behest
of imperialist comptrollers. The resemblance is extraordinary; Musharraf is a military
man and had his first contact with the CIA in the North-West Frontier Province in 1966.
He would later help train the Mujahideen for the Anti-Soviet Jihad and work in close
connection with the CIA there also. It was at this time that he attended trainings at Fort
Bragg in North Carolina and drew even closer to America as they noticed his natural
ability at Psywar techniques. He completed a Master’s Degree at the Royal College of
Defense Studies in the United Kingdom in 1991 and upon returning to Pakistan was
suddenly promoted to Major General of the military. He witnessed the return of Nawaz
Sharif as the prime Minister of Pakistan thereafter and was appointed Chief of Army
Staff by PM Sharif on October 7, 1998. Having placing other CIA connections around
him like General Mohammed Aziz, a multi millionaire, whose wealth derives from the
hundreds of acres of land given to him for supporting the military, and whose relations
with Musharraf go back to his first contact with the CIA, he was aided in orchestrating
the coup of Sharif on October 12, 1999 thus bringing his self to power. Subsequently,
Musharraf’s parents received citizenship in America and he came into his position with
force and blatant lies about conspiracies and assassination attempts plotted against him by
the Sharif government and broken promises to improve conditions in Pakistan.
By June 20, 2001 Musharraf had declared his self president but promised to eventually
return Pakistan to democratic rule, something he is now reluctantly facing in the coming
months as elections are due. It was on September 19, 2001 that he ditched support for the
Taliban and offered full-fledged support for America, a decision that has led to the deaths
of millions of Afghans and contributed largely to opposition against him today. General
Anthony Zinni, former chief of CENTCOM, once said on 60 minutes of Musharraf that
he, “may be America’s last hope in Pakistan, and if he fails, the fundamentalists would
get a hold of the Islamic bomb.” Musharraf exploited claims like these in his recent book
entitled, In the line of Fire, peculiarly the same title as a 1993 Hollywood film about a
lone secret-service agent who stood between life and death for the U.S. President,
sending the message to America that he would protect them from the Islamic threat.
Despite his incessant support however, current American editorials are calling for
government distance from their puppet in the region as they have coerced him to fight
their proxy wars that their dismantled and ruined American military can no longer
achieve. Stratfor Forecasting Inc., a private intelligence agency, predicted his demise on
May 7, 2007.
Ex-CIA agent Michael Sheuer has stated repeatedly that America was going to be
defeated in Afghanistan. However, he does claim that “the U.S. has seldom found an ally
better than Pervez Musharraf, who has acted to advance U.S. interests even while
jeopardizing his own.” Contrary to popular deceit, honest U.S. officials couldn’t possibly
believe that Musharraf was in fact in alliance with the “terrorists.” He is merely the one
to blame for surely the great U.S. does no wrong. Musharraf’s aim is to barter strategic
Afghanistan and Iranian border-land to the United States. He succeeded in the case of
Afghanistan after 9/11 and was rewarded billions from the U.S. His manufactured
objective is secular rule modeled on Ataturk’s legacy as he has expressed an interest in
destroying masjids and building nightclubs and has forever sought his personal interests
in all affairs, finding a certain preference for intimate companionship with disbelievers,
an affinity for force and confrontation against his opponents, and enjoyed a label as an
agent of Western power. While Musharraf resembles two of the most famous
contemporary tyrants against Islam, Ataturk and Bush, like Pharaoh, Abu Jahal, and
eventually Bush and Co., he too will have his day.
أَمْنًا ارْتَضَى لَھُمْ وَلَیُبَدِّلَنَّھُمْ مِنْ بَعْدِ خَوْفِھِمْ اسْتَخْلَفَ الَّذِینَ مِنْ قَبْلِھِمْ وَلَیُمَكِّنَنَّ لَھُمْ دِینَھُمُ الَّذِي
Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He
will, of a surety, grant them succession to the present rulers, as He granted it to those
before them; that He will establish in authority their deen - the one which He has
chosen for them - and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they
(lived), to one of security and peace [Surah An-Noor 55]
It is anticipated that perhaps the recent events at Lal Masjid will lead to secularist demise.
The immediate history at Lal Masjid is extremely important. The masjid is pro-Taliban
and largely denounced Musharraf’s choice to house American air strikes against
Afghanistan (Apparently, Richard Armitage’s threat “Be prepared to be bombed.” “Be
prepared to go back to the stone age.” did not concern these Muslims). By 2005,
Pakistani authorities attempted to raid the masjid in order to conduct an investigation into
the 7/7 train bombings in London but were beaten back by female students wielding
batons.1 And earlier this year, they had challenged the government and were beginning
to implement Shariah in the premises. Meanwhile Musharraf was busy demolishing
several hundreds-of-year old mosques and preparing to tear down yet another 80 with Lal
Masjid on the list. As the people continued to see the success and light of the masjid they
began to address community concerns there where it could be dealt with islamically.
This eventually led up to the kidnap and detention of a brothel-owner, and subsequent
arbitration between Lal Masjid and the government which led to the release of the captive
in exchange for the closing of the brothel. In early July, the government positioned itself
for a standoff with Muslims in the compound that resulted in violence and on July 10th
the military stormed the compound and killed a large number of people (still
The sole crime these Muslims committed was that they supported Islamic law. Ghazi
Abdul Rashid, the sheik of the masjid, refused to surrender and lay in the basement
beside his dying mother when Musharraf’s troops stormed in. Despite his repeated
requests for Musharraf to let the media in the complex, to prove that no arms storage or
foreign Mujahideen were inside, despite his repeated statements that his comrades only
possessed a few licensed Kalashnikovs and no heavy weapons, despite the fact Ghazi had
said that if his students had sophisticated weapons then they would have easily targeted
the apostate force’s bunkers surrounding the complex, Musharraf Ghazi Abdul Rashid
was martyred at point blank range by a Pakistani official who was on the phone with
Musharraf at the time on that July 10th day.
He had claimed that after his martyrdom the regime’s forces would stuff the weapons
inside themselves to prove their false claims. And indeed government reports are full of
controversy. The government reports indicate that around 100 individuals were killed in
the military attacks. However, no one takes these statistics seriously. They do admit that
there were woman and children from amongst the martyred.2 Two women that escaped
the attacks appeared on Pakistani television and reported that the actual numbers of
casualties are between 1000-2000. There were also reports on Al-Jazeerah that
documented the bodies were not given proper janazah and that the Army had requested
800 wooden coffins during the clean-up of the site, with eye witness reports also claiming
that there were many coffins containing more than one body. Bodies are reported to look
badly burned and it seems that U.S. aid has provided Pakistan with a secret weapon as
there are confirmed reports from anonymous internal sources that chemical armaments
including white phosphorous incendiary weapons were used by apostate Pakistani
commandoes against the Islamic students, men, women and children in the massacre.
Pakistan would be the third nation after US and Israel to use these types of banned
weapons against innocent civilians3. After the attacks the military sealed off the area
keeping out all press, planted evidence and shipped off the dead working toward the
cover-up that has since become the justification for a U.S. backed military intervention in
the region.
The incident could have been resolved in mediation Monday July 9, however Musharraf
backed out of the deal obviously wanting to show Bush that he too was “tough on terror.”
Ayman Zawahiri released a statement in the following days calling for a jihad against the
government and reiterating his pleas to the Pakistanis to aid the cause of the mujahideen
in Afghanistan from 2004 and claimed,
This is an eloquent message [from Musharraf] to every scholar and every
free and honorable person in Pakistan: that resisting Musharraf,
confronting him and demanding that he adhere to Islam and refrain from
worshiping the Crusaders and Jews will only get you the worst types of
contempt, humiliation and degradation.
[But in fact] this is your fate if you are silent and prefer the life of this
world to the hereafter. Muslims of Pakistan: your salvation is only through
This statement has been followed through with martyrdom operations that have taken the
lives of 80-plus people over the past two days amidst the end of a 10-month old ceasefire
in North Waziristan between the Pakistan Taliban and the Musharraf regime. Meanwhile
Musharraf has pledged to root out extremists and the Bush cabal has pledged $750
million over 5 years to help the cause. The regime has begun to deploy 12,000 forces
throughout the region to prevent backlash and intimidate the citizenry.
All of this has occurred in the context of a severely inflammatory time period for
Musharraf. On February 26, 2007 Dick Cheney made a surprise visit to him and
threatened to cut aid if Pakistan didn’t get tougher on the Taliban4. Then on March 9,
Musharraf suspended the chief justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Mohammed
Chaundry because he would not deliver pleasing decisions during a year where
Musharraf faces reelection. Subsequent protests broke out across the land. Perhaps
Musharraf’s plan was to exploit the situation at Lal Masjid and utilize it to protect the last
semblances of his control. Whatever the rationale behind the events one can be sure of
two things: that the orders were authorized by Washington and that the decision is
destined to fail.
America, for its part, continues to speak through its press to its public and through its
military-industrial complex in private. The July 16 New York Times front page headline
reads, Aid to Pakistan for Tribal Areas Raises Concerns: A $750 Million U.S. Plan,
Citing Lawlessness, Critics Fear Money Will Fall into Wrong Hands. Thus the
disconcerted citizenry is notified of America’s humanitarianism despite the backwardness
of the Pakistanis where they are led to believe that a recent analysis of a hospital built by
the U.S. Agency for Economic Development showed that U.S. monies had built a facility
that the tribal, savages couldn’t even keep working as beds were empty and the facility
was understaffed. The article goes on for the perhaps 10% that choose to continue on to
page A8, and describes that this is the fault of “severe government deficiencies,”
obviously alluding to the need for some government interference and enforcement in the
Tribal Areas, which happen to be between the Afghanistan border and Islamabad where
the Lal Masjid massacres occurred. The article then closes with statements about how
U.S. interests wanted to build schools and democratic institutions in the region but feared
the rebellion of the backward, pro-Taliban militants. For the truly interested reader that
finishes the piece and finds out how magnificent America actually is, the very next
article, and only other on the page, directly to the right of the conclusion, documents how
terrorists had started with suicide bombings retaliation for the Lal Masjid attacks. The
media-wing of the capitalist’s conspiracy, that Global War on Terror, is in full spin and
similar reports were run across the mainstream spectrum. Blood and gore are sure to
In fact, similar logic and justification had been laid out before the House Committee on
Oversight and Government Reform, July 12, by Richard Boucher, Assistant Secretary of
State for South and Central Asian Affairs, where the same rationale appeared and backing
of the regime’s retaliation and offensive efforts to silence the population were supported
and transformed into defensive affairs (muck like preemptive efforts of the previous
years). Apparently, Musharraf has taken a page from the neo-conservative script book.
As Musharraf’s expected military response was confirmed, Bush backed his call for
blood and Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser to US President Bush, claimed
that the United States would provide Pakistan with all the tools it needs for a projected
crackdown on militants5. "We have seen, in the north-west territories of Pakistan, Taliban
pooling, planning and training," he said. "There was an agreement with the tribal chiefs
that President Musharraf deemed does not work the way he wanted, does not work the
way we wanted and one of the things he is now doing is moving more troops in.” "We're
supporting that effort in order to get control of the situation6.”
A conversation during Q&A at the Presidential Press Briefing on July 16 between a
reporter and Spokesman Tony Snow confirmed that the carrot and the stick approach
backed by media propaganda will be utilized to justify an onslaught in the region, a
display of power that will undoubtedly leave many more dead and injured than will be
officially recorded. The conversation went:
Q: Last September, President Musharraf briefed President Bush on the
deal with the tribal leaders along the border with Pakistan and
Afghanistan. It was a period the President said he believed that Musharraf
was committed the dealing with the Taliban and al Qaeda. He said, we'll
let the tactics speak for themselves after it happens. With the Pakistani
troops said to be massing along that area, have the tactics spoken? Has the
deal failed? Does the President believe that there needs to be a new
strategy for dealing with --
MR. SNOW: Yes, yes. The plan that President Musharraf put forward did
not succeed as we had hoped. And therefore, he is moving troops in to get
control of the situation.
Q: Are we helping? Has the President spoken with him about it?
MR. SNOW: I don't -- no, he's not had a direct conversation with the
President, at least recently. On the other hand, you can assume that
certainly we are doing what we can to support them. Now, they are vital
allies, as the President has said many times, in the war on terror.
Q: There are also plans, I understand, for a rather substantial infusion of
U.S. aid to that area. Are those plans on hold now, given the unstable
military situation there?
MR. SNOW: I'll have to get back to you on that, but it's my sense at this
juncture that the important thing is to get some security into the region.
But I'll give you a follow-up a little later in the day.7
The Truth about American Aid
While the media sell the idea that American aid goes to build hospitals and schools and
the advancement of democratic reform, the reality is a bit more complex. In actuality ten
times more aid goes for military than goes for basic education interests and President
Bush’s recent plan would turn the region into Reconstruction Opportunity Zones,
“designed to connect isolated regions to the global economy” and “granting duty-free
entry to the U.S. for certain goods produced in the zones8.” A win-win situation as
potential terrorists can manufacture socks, underwear, and T-shirts for Americans at cents
to the dollar against American wages and corporations can potentially exploit the people
of the region like those in Indonesia and China.
If the West were actually concerned with improving the well-being of Pakistanis then
why did pledged aid not come thru for the troubled country during the earthquake in 2005
that killed more than 73,0009. Why did it take Musharraf’s pledge to participate in the
war in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 for U.S. aid to start “pouring in10.” In fact,
the U.S. supported aid for the Taliban when the Soviets were in Afghanistan via
Pakistan’s Intelligence unit, but the aid suddenly dried up when the millions dead and
displaced had to be housed, and when the war torn region had to be rebuilt after
mujahideen success. It seems that “American Interests” always coincide with American
aid and in this instance the aid so highly praised in Washington and in the country’s
papers may be utilized as a justification for what will become another classic example of
America turning a blind eye to full-fledged bloodshed and massacre by the Pakistan
military in the contested region against its people.
The media will cease to report the developments, and the military will likely punish
thousands of innocents as it reacts in a violent and dominant way. Musharraf will attempt
to declare a state of emergency and bargain for a partner government between him and
Benazir Bhutto and her Pakistan’s People Party. Bhutto has declared willingness to aside
with Musharraf in the event he chooses to fight terrorism. Now he has his chance to
merge politically and preserve his role as dictator, by declaring a state of emergency and
postponing elections. Regardless, Islam will prevail.
Who doth greater wrong than one who invents falsehood against Allah, even as he is
being invited to Islam? And Allah guides not those who do wrong.
Their intention is to extinguish Allah’s Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But
Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may
detest (it).
It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he
may proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it). (61:8-9)
When Musharraf agreed to join the War on Terror after 9/11, the U.S. was well aware
that their stooge in Pakistan would bend over backwards to support them, however he
faced much dissension in the military ranks. This has been the case, but for the most part
the Pakistani military has followed suit and obeyed its commands. Pakistan is rich in
history of political removal and as Musharraf came to power via military coup one could
only suggest that perhaps those dissenters in the military with their hearts still in Islam
will make a brave and courageous decision to defy the ideological comptrollers in
Washington as the country gears up for its own version of the War against Islam.
When will the contemporary visionaries dreams be realized? It is only a matter of time
before the Islamic State is re-established and the dignity and light of Islam will be
restored. The resistance and pressures are but tests for those that believe as the life of this
world is a series of trials and tribulations and becomes like a prison to the believers.
When will the sons and daughters of the ummah rally to the cry and realize that salvation
and sanctity is only though Allah and his deen? When will they make the sacrifice that
leads to the true success?
O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous
That ye believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that ye strive (your utmost) in the
Cause of Allah, with your property and your persons: That will be best for you, if ye
but knew!
He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow,
and to beautiful mansions in Gardens of Eternity: that is indeed the Supreme
Achievement. (61:10-12)
All Muslims near and far must come to the realization that Allah is restoring the deen and
that brave and honorable Muslims and Muslimah everywhere must center their minds on
doing something with their lives for the sake of Allah. There is a binding obligation on
us everywhere to support those that call for the Khilafah, to expose the lies of the
deceiver and to never fear the blame of the blamers. Indeed the whole world has gathered
against the Islam and it takes true courage and faith to believe in the cause. You must first
believe in your hearts that despite the strength in numbers and arsenal of those that
disbelieve, despite the ideological warfare that constantly sends thoughts of fear through
the soul, that Islam will prevail and then you must follow your conviction with action as
best as you can. So that Allah will love you and so you can love Allah. We ask for
Allah’s affection for those in Pakistan and for his replacing Musharraf and foiling the
plans of the disbelievers. May he guide Islam to victory and grant those that strive in His
way a goodly reward and may He permit us to imitate Muhammad, His Messenger
(PBUH) like Musharraf follows Bush and lead us off to the true success. Amin!
And another (favor will He bestow,) which ye do love, - help from Allah and a
speedy victory. So give the Glad Tidings to the Believers.
. O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of Allah. As said Jesus the son of Mary to the
Disciples, "Who will be my helpers to (the work of) Allah." Said the disciples, "We are
Allah’s helpers!" then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion
disbelieved: But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies, and they
became the ones that prevailed.
(Quran 61: 13-14)

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