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Osama Bin Laden Vows Revenge for Danish Cartoons

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***In the video you will hear him make reference to a little known affair amongst the ummah, the AL-Yammammah arms deal that was exposed as one of the biggest frauds in the century. Revolution Muslim was on top of this story and traced the money back to some significant power structures and we have posted it again below in order that you may understand the present reality continuously more and more. We ask Allah to protect all those that working for Islam.


Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As:
The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) cursed the one who bribes and the one who
takes bribes.
(Sunnan Dawood - Book 24, Number 3573)On July 6, The Guardian, a BBC derivative released what by now should have made
headlines across every single newspaper and media outlet in the world. Having
conducted an analysis of the Al-Yamamah arms deal, arranged as the biggest arms deal in
the history of the world, it was alleged that BAE Systems, Britain’s largest defense
manufacturer, had delivered approximately $2 billion over a 22 year period to Prince
Bandar bin-Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s National Security Chief and longtime friend of the
Bush and Cheney cabal. The allegations were however categorically denied by the
Prince on June 13 as he claimed in an interview that, “The allegations in The Guardian
have nothing to do with the truth and reality but represent a pinnacle of slander and
lies…” “All the amounts mentioned by the newspaper were transferred from Saudi
government accounts to other accounts of the Saudi government in the United States, and
not to my personal accounts,” Prince Bandar said. “It is illogical to believe that any
transfer in keeping with US and British banking regulations can be kept secret, or without
the governments or the parties concerned being informed.” He said, “All the parties
concerned in the Saudi government were aware and fully informed of all the spending
through the ACCOUNTS IN RIGGS BANK…” He went on to explain that Saudi Arabia
was aware of all the transactions and activities with the account and continues to deny the
Fraud and corruption are certainly not surprising indictments in referring to the rulers of
Saudi Arabia. However, what Bandar claimed in this, his initial statement, leads one to
investigate further. The adage amongst the investigative journalists covering the story
was, “follow the money” and indeed their evidence for the allegations of fraud is
overwhelming1, but as Muslims continue to suffer in and outside of Saudi Arabia largely
as a result of the House of Saud’s treachery, the case offers a rare peak into who the
Saudis are intimately tied to and how their treachery works. Therefore, additional
inquiries of the players involved need be pursued. Indeed, in a time when those that call
for the replacement of the oppressive apostate regimes are labeled as extremists and
deviants, it is necessary to explain and understand how and why these claims are made.
Surely these press releases and the continuous development should help us understand
how Middle East governments work in cahoots with the enemies of Islam and who they
work for. The trail leads to sinister covert operations against citizens everywhere and
should affect and inspire you to join the struggle against the oppression of Muslims
across the globe.
When they come to thee, they say: "We believe": but in fact they enter with disbelief,
and they go out with the same but Allah knows full well all that they hide.
Many of them dost thou see, racing each other in sin and rancour, and their eating of
things forbidden (suht – bribe money). Evil indeed are the things that they do.
Why do not the rabbis and the doctors of Law forbid them from their (habit of) uttering
sinful words and eating things forbidden? Evil indeed are their works. (5: 61-63)

The investigation occurred over a ten year period and was conducted largely by Britain’s
Serious Fraud Office. Mysteriously, however, the investigation was ordered closed after
allegations started to be waged that tied Saudi and British fraud together. It was the airing
of the report by the Guardian and BBC’s documentary show Panorama that leaked the
story to the mainstream and publicized the irrefutable scandal that connects Saudi Arabia
again to the Queen and Britain. It wasn’t too long ago that the previous King Fahd
walked through the palace in London with the Fascist cross around his neck showing his
allegiance to the sinister plots of Western imperialism2. And indeed it wasn’t that far
back either that the Saudi’s agreement to rebel against the Ottoman caliphate for 5,000lbs.
of sterling per month occurred in exchange for British recognition of Abdul-Aziz as the
King of Najd, but when the money-trail of this immediate instance is followed we see
that Saudi loyalty to the Queen goes further and that this conspiracy spans across the
BAE Systems is chiefly connected to many of the institutions and mechanisms of the
financial-military-industrial complex that dominates the world today. BAE chief
executive officer Michael Turner is a director of Lazard Freres international global
investment bank. BAE chairman Richard Olver is a former director and deputy group
chief executive of BP plc, the British oil giant which controls the North Slope oilfields in
Alaska and whose negligence caused the deadly explosion of its Texas City refinery
several years ago. Olver is also a director of Reuters, a news service/propaganda arm of
the British Empire. BAE director Philip Carroll is a former CEO of Shell Oil Co., the
U.S. arm of Royal Dutch Shell, which itself is tightly connected to the Rothschild and
Lazard banks. Carroll is also a former chairman and CEO of Fluor Corp., a global
engineering firm now headed by J.P. Morgan Cazenove vice chairman Lord Robin
Renwick. BAE director Dr. Ulrich Cartellieri is a member of the International Advisory
Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and is a former director of
Deutsche Bank. BAE director Sir Nigel Rudd is deputy chairman of Barclays, the
British bank which is the largest in the world ranked by assets. BAE director Roberto
Quarto is a partner in the private equity fund Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, which is multiply
connected to the Morgan industrial and financial apparatus. BAE director Peter
Weinberg is a partner in the boutique investment bank Perella Weinberg Partners.
Weinburg is a former senior director of Goldman Sachs, whose father and grandfather
were also senior partners at Goldman Sachs3. Obviously, BAE is seriously connected to
international financiers and many of the contraptions that represent international
corporate hegemony and corruption.
But the allegations of bribery must not simply stop at BAE and Bandar. His claims that
all the account transactions were well publicized and went through Riggs Bank shed
additional light on the subject and trace back to the true cause and enemy against Islam
today. Riggs Bank, another implicated party in the scandal, is far from the reputable
institution that Bandar would have you believe. As he claimed, “It is illogical to believe
that any transfer in keeping with US and British banking regulations can be kept
secret…” careful consideration and research shows that it is hardly illogical to tie Riggs
Bank to allegations of fraud. In 1977, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward tied
Riggs Bank to payments in a CIA operation in Iran, where the shah had contracted for a
$500 million border surveillance system. That same year, the Washington Post's Robert
Meyers reported from the espionage trial of former CIA employee Edwin Gibbons Moore.
A defense psychiatrist who examined Moore and thought him paranoid told the court that
the defendant claimed to have spoken to the "CIA liaison officer at Riggs bank." (Moore
was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 15 years in prison.) According to the
Center for American Progress:
Riggs Bank is headed by longtime Bush family friend Joe Allbritton, employs
President Bush's uncle Jonathan as a top executive, and other executives have
been financial donors to the Bush campaign. The bank is at the center of a
controversy, according to the Wall Street Journal, for failing to monitor "tens of
millions of dollars in cash withdrawals from accounts related to the Saudi
Arabian and Equatorial Guinean embassy," including "suspicious incidents
involving dozens of sequentially numbered cashier's checks and international
drafts written by Saudi officials.
Apparently, Bush crony Joe Allbritton and uncle Jonathan Bush oversaw a bank that was
laundering money for Augusto Pinochet, Equatorial Guinea, and apparently the Saudis
and Prince Sultan (Or rather, Bandar Bush bin Sultan)? In fact news reports and
government confirmations have tied Riggs Bank to financial machinations not only of the
Saudi despots but to dictators and warlords from Africa and South America, and
especially Pinochet, Chile’s former fascist dictator. 4 An article by Glenn Simpson in the
Wall Street Journal, Dec. 31, 2004 reported that Riggs had an extensive dealing with the
CIA. He stated, “The relationship with the CIA could prove problematic because it could
cast a different light on the bank's dealings with two U.S. foreign-policy allies, former
Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi ambassador to
Washington.” “Given the intelligence connections to Riggs, prosecutors could be faced
with proving that the bank's failure to disclose financial activity by the foreign officials
wasn't implicitly authorized by parts of the U.S. government.” Still, following lengthy
investigations by the Treasury Department and the Senate, in 2005, Riggs Bank, once one
of the most prestigious banks in the U.S., admitted its guilt in numerous money
laundering schemes involving the aforementioned clients. Subsequently, Bandar’s
alleged innocence is highly doubtful. According to this week's Newsweek, Riggs's
documentation of its Saudi accounts may contain clues about what Bandar in fact
received from BAE:
4 for specifics see the Senate Subcommittee’s report @
The Riggs Bank records show the use of those funds raised concerns among
bank officials and U.S. regulators. In November 2003, Riggs filed a "suspicious
activity report" with the Treasury Department disclosing that over a four-month
period, $17.4 million from the Saudi Defense account had been disbursed to a
single individual in Saudi Arabia. When Riggs officials asked the Saudis who
the person was and why he was receiving the funds, they were told the
individual "coordinates home improvement/construction projects for Prince
Bandar in Saudi Arabia," and the payments were for a "new Saudi palace," one
document shows.
In another instance, Bandar wired $400,000 from a Riggs account to a luxurycar
dealer overseas. "It was impossible to distinguish between government funds
and what would normally be considered personal purposes," said David Caruso,
who served as Riggs's compliance officer at the time. Caruso also confirmed to
NEWSWEEK that the Saudi Defense account was regularly replenished with
$30 million each quarter from an account in London. But the bank never knew
the source of the funds. The bank was so concerned about the withdrawals that it
cut off all business with the Saudis. In May 2005, the U.S. Treasury fined Riggs
$25 million for failing to monitor "extensive and frequent suspicious" activity in
Saudi and other accounts. (Asked about the Riggs records, Bandar's lawyer said
the palace in question was "Prince Bandar's official residence" in Saudi Arabia
and that audits by the Saudi Finance Ministry found "no irregularities" in the
Saudi accounts while Bandar was ambassador.)
So Riggs Bank leads to Pinochet and Equatorial Guinea, the same place where Margaret
Thatcher's son, one of the main beneficiaries of the BAE bribery, sponsored a coup (one
wonders where he got the money to sponsor that coup?) In fact, this trail leads to key
players in the present “War on Terror” and ties the Saudis closer as active intimate
companions to the War against Islam. One must understand that Saudi support for the
War on Terror is quite more intense than they portray. For instance, Saudi Arabia had a
wider role in the War in Iraq than had been publicized, “American officials said the Saudi
royal family permitted the staging of special forces operations from inside Saudi Arabia,
allowed some 250-300 mainly transport and surveillance planes to fly missions from
Saudi Arabia, and provided tens of millions of dollars in discounted oil, gas, and fuel for
U.S. forces 5 . In reality Saudi Arabia has supported the Bush-Cheney cabals,
neoconservative ideology since the beginning.
For instance, Eliot Abrams is a neo-con who actively engaged in the AIPAC (American
Israel Public Affairs Committee) efforts to thwart a Reagan Administration attempt to
converge on an arms deal with the Saudis in 1985. After the deal was blocked by the
neo-con influence the very next day Prince Bandar flew to Britain and Margaret Thatcher
and engaged in the BAE scandal that should presently be rocking the world. Eliot
Abrams, now Deputy National Security Advisor has been feeding arms into Palestine
through Egypt and attempting to instigate a civil war between Hamas and Fatah. He is
selling armaments to warlords like Muhammad Dalan who are turning profits by arming
both Hamas and Fatah militant wings. This is the fifth column of government that Hamas
officials so bravely fought against and so the outbreak of violence in Gaza has nothing to
do with a civil war between Fathah and Hamas and everything to do with the deliberate
manipulation of parties that are attempting to covertly influence the region. Abrams is
the ally of Dick Cheney the closest ally of Bandar and so in classic connect-the-dots a
deep conspiracy begins to unfold that spells nothing but deceit and the collaboration of
the House of Saud to conspire with the neoconservative movement rampaging the world
these days. Apparently Cheney and Bandar have been freelancing on foreign policy of
late also. Of course, Congress has no record of these covert operations but if what New
Yorker reporter Sy Hersch claims is true, than there is covert funding going toward
destabilizing the Middle East and especially in Palestine6 where it is alleged that arms
were distributed with the help of Abrams to Fatah-Al-Islam to fight shia Hezbollah until
they revolted against the Lebanese army themselves and went off in their own chosen
direction. Hersch claims, “we have been pumping money, a great deal of money, without
congressional authority, without any congressional oversight, Prince Bandar of Saudi
Arabia is putting up some of this money, for covert operations in many areas of the
Middle East where we think that the — we want to stop the Shiite spread or the Shiite
influence.” There is no doubt that the monies required to fund these efforts certainly
come from covert accounts and mechanisms like those resulting from the allegations
against Bandar and BAE. After all, he is royal family, and is far from needing to accept
bribes out of financial necessity. It is highly probable that his hand is funding these
covert operations and primarily because of the Shia problem in the Middle East that has
resulted since the US has been unable to engage in direct military confrontation in Iran.
Regardless of the actuality, fraud and deception are a guarantee and with other names
added to the list, a vast conspiracy unfolds that has the CIA’s make-up all over it.
Eliot Abrams was convicted in the Iran –Contra affair. He and his neo-con buddies
prevented the arms deal from going through in America with the help of AICAC and his
involvement is all over other outbreaks in the Middle East. He is a primary supporter of
Dick Cheney and Dick Cheney is a close confidant of Prince Bandar. The covert
operations highlight how arms make their way into the Middle East in convenient ways
that permit the perpetual misery of Muslims throughout the region. The BAE conspiracy
should officially merge the House of Saud intimately with the Queen of Britain and her
Freemasonic comptrollers. It exposes the reality that the Saudis work for the West and
that they are not interested in any way of protecting and promoting peace.
Contrary to popular portrayal, the global system operates not under the premise of nationstate
and sovereign government but rather on a financial system founded on corporatist
and fascist elitism, striving under the guise of globalization to conquer and realize its End
of History, New World Order. These days certainly appear to be those mentioned to us in
the hadith in regard to the coming of the dajjal but regardless it is for Islamic voices
across the globe to cry out in allegiance to all those groups carrying the banner of Islam
and thus foiling the conspiratorial plots of the international financiers and their cronies
and working toward the establishment of the shariah. Surely, their power is deceptive
and if it were not the case they would not have to expend such efforts to protect their
vested interests. As Allah tells us in the Quran:
6 ( )
The parable of those who take guardians besides Allah is as the parable of the spider
that makes for itself a house; and surely indeed the frailest of the houses is the spider’s
house – if they but knew!
Why do not the rabbis and the doctors of Law forbid them from their (habit of) uttering
sinful words and eating things forbidden? Evil indeed are their works…One wonders
how the clergy class in Saudi Arabia will protect the House of Saud and Prince Bandar in
this instance (but it is nearly indubitable that they will find a way to exonerate them from
responsibility). How long will their taking for guardians the dominant West aid them in
protecting their power and control of Saudi Arabia? Muslims everywhere need to
interpret the reality of the present world utilizing core Islamic understandings in
continuing to struggle toward the replacement of these despotic regimes in the Middle
East from every which way. The destruction of our caliphate continues to destroy the
actual existence of our Islamic principles and culture and the allegations against Prince
Bandar should not solely implicate him. We should implicate the entire regime and hold
it accountable for the damage done not only in international relations and covert
operations but also in proceeds wasted, proceeds that cost the citizenry billions also.
In an era where we are constantly told by the certified clergy of the House of Saud that
politics and religion cannot coexist, where moderates represent Islam in America and
admit that they would rather live in the West than in the Middle East and don’t probe into
the actual cause or call for the dismantlement and distribution of Islamic rights to our
brothers and sisters across the globe, and where Sufi sheiks call for constant dhikr and
introspection rather than practical pragmatic effort to resist oppression, it becomes
imperative that we pursue Islam in a way that picks up where the Islamic induced
Renaissance of Europe left off and where an approach to religion that views the
establishment of Allah’s deen across the globe as the ultimate worship and that
counteracts the view that religion must remain in the home and individualized, while
simultaneously accepting development and scientific and technological advancement.
Despite derogatory reports and incessant propaganda against the “terrorists” and
“extremists,” they have garnished widespread support in war-torn areas and regions
largely because they are a fresh, honest solution to the conspiracy and collaboration
against true Islam and understand that Islam is truly the only solution. They are not
fraudulent, are generally interested in promoting the well-being of all, and do not engage
in intimate companionship with Western Powers. They don’t do business with the dajjal.
We must return to practice this deen as it was understood by the Companions of the
Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). As Malik's Muwatta (Book 33, Number
33.1.2) describes,
Malik related to me from Ibn Shihab from Sulayman ibn Yasar that the
Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, used to send
Abdullah ibn Rawaha to Khaybar, to assess the division of the fruit crop
between him and the Jews of Khaybar.
The Jews collected for Abdullah pieces of their women's jewellery and said to
him, "This is yours. Go light on us and don't be exact in the division!"
Abdullah ibn Rawaha said, "O tribe of Jews! By Allah! You are among the most
hateful to me of Allah's creation, but it does not prompt me to deal unjustly with
you. What you have offered as a bribe is forbidden. We will not touch it." They
said, "This is what supports the heavens and the earth."
It must also be understood that abstract entities like “America” can no longer be blamed
for the daily atrocities against the Islamic ummah. This article should help one to
understand that the present world is dominated by covert mechanisms that exist inside all
governments, institutions, and corporations. It is the camp of Kufr that is responsible for
these oppressions. It is an ideology, largely fascist, that rears its ugly head
indiscriminately and no longer pays attention to statehood. It is termed moderncapitalism
or globalization and treated as though it were a natural progression and
unavoidable phenomenon; its fundamental concerts are built on competition and greed
and the notion that man is beast and has evolved from a monkey. It is, as it always has
been, a natural by-product of disbelief, but because the Muslims are largely unaware of it,
because they are divided and ruled by oppressors that work in conjunction with this beast,
there is great oppression and disturbance across the world. Because the Muslims have
started to adhere to the degrading form of religion that gives unto Caesar’s what is
Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, because the scholars are largely unaware or cover up
the truth, the whole world, Muslim and Non-Muslim suffers. There are times when you
have to fight, when you have to take a stand and say enough is enough, when passive
introspection is not sufficient and when you must struggle loudly and proudly to resist
intellectually and politically. Cases like these come and go in the media and they are
recognized for two or three days before they fizzle, but they lead to greater questions and
to opportunities to understand how the conspiracy against Islam works, and to pressure
oppressive institutions, to work toward closing the mechanisms of the global cabal. We
must strive for Islamic independence and sovereignty. We must educate ourselves and
return to our deen and we must establish the shariah across our lands so that we may live
in peace apart from the people of war. Won’t you join us in the struggle?

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