Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Akhbar Al-Yaum 8-27-08

NOTICE: Halaqah's will be moved to Inspeak.com, a program that runs like PalTalk but that is allowed in Arab countries whereas PalTalk charges fees to Arabs because the founder is an ardent Zionist. Halaqahs will be held Thursday's at 8PM EST, inshallah.
This week REVOLUTIONMUSLIM.COM will, inshallah explore the connection between the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the notion and prospect of revolution in Saudi Arabia today and in the coming period. Younus Abdullah Muhammad, Chief Political Analyst at REVOLUTION MUSLIM will review a paper that looks at the key variables involved in the 1978 Khomeini Revolution and will analyze them in a comparative prospectus isolating key variables and looking at the specifics of the situation of the Shah in Iran n 1978 and the House of to Saud in the Arabian Peninsula today. Over the past 15 years the regime in Saudi Arabia has witnessed a tumultuous yet masterfully preserved period of rule and it is the ideological backing of the State that keeps it in power. However, since the First War of Iraq in 1991 the fragility of the Saudi regime has been recognized. We will inshallah discuss recent evidences of this fragility and look at how unpredicted change in Iran may be threpeated in Saudi Arabia in the near future. Highlights of the talk will reveal how the Saudi regime is connected to the international military-industrial-financial complex and how Saudi Arabia expects their manipulation of the resignation of Musharaff to usher in an age in Pakistan where they will finally see the death and destruction of their chief nemesis Osama Bin Laden. Concluding question and answer session will reveal some of the accumulated facts and potential effects of the Aafia Saddiqui case and as always any political questions will be entertained afterwards if Allah allows.
VIDEO: Zaynab's Story A Call to Boycott Israel

Crunch Time

Saudi Arabia likely to give $500m grant to Pakistan
Saudi Arabia: Buying the farm
U.S. navy ships head to Georgia
Al-Qaeda 'claims Algeria bombs'
Algeria fears tightening grip of al-Qaeda
Al-Qaeda Gains Strength on Pakistani-Afghan Border, Report Says
‘Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq inspiring Taliban attacks in Afghanistan’
Pro-Al Qaeda signs at lawyers’ rally
Sudanese: 'What Arab-African rift?'
The Eurasian Corridor: Pipeline Geopolitics and the New Cold War
$2.4 Billion in Spending Increases for Venezuelan Public Housing and Universities
RADIO: Michel Chossudovsky on Iran Blockade, David Donnelly on call for DOJ Investigation of John McCain
Foreign presence 'to leave Iraq in 2011'\
Twilight Zone / 'Tossed out like a dog'
Land and freedom: Kashmir in Crisis
Coalition Air Strikes Kill 76 Afghan Civilians Friday -Government
Eight foreign troops killed in Afghanistan
Militants ready for Pakistan's war
Iraqi Leaders Look To Dismantle Awakening
Scores killed in Somalia fighting
Protest boats dock in Gaza
Musharraf's Outing Will Further Endanger Pakistani and Indian Security
Scores' of Afghans dead in US raid
Pakistan regime rocked

Taliban bombers kill 70 after Pakistani border strike
Emir of al Qaeda in Britain Arrested
Qaeda's Zawahiri praises two comrades in video
Rockets, guile and the lessons of history: the Taleban besiege Kabul
Naked Imperialism: An Interview with John Bellamy Foster
How Cops Extort Confessions;How the U.S. “Justice System” Really Works
The Great Consumer Crash of 2009
Zardari, Sharif, Gilani not ideal for US: NYT
Iran: We will not bow to US imperialism
Freddie, Fannie Failure Could Be World `Catastrophe,' Yu Says
Pakistan bans Taliban outfit amidst military campaign
Conditions may be ripe for Al Qaeda in Somalia
More global banks enter Saudi Arabia
As Saudi Arabia opens up don't overlook UAE, says Pictet MENA manager

Saudi Arabia to fingerprint air travellers
Guiding all to the straight and narrow
GCC to drive global sukuk market to $200b by 2010
Al-Qaeda Masters Terrorism On the Cheap
Iraq, US agree no foreign troops after 2011
Israel Unable To Stop Liberty Report from SS Liberty docked in Gaza - Yvonne Ridley
VIDEO: Joe Biden: I am a Zionist
McCain...Manchurian Candidate à la Rothschild
Pakistan's Sharif pulls party out of coalition
Obama selects Biden to reassure the US ruling elite

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