Thursday, July 10, 2008

News 7-20-08

Akhbar Al-Yaum

VIDEO: Witness the Welfare State in Saudi Arabia (french)
VIDEO: Petrodollar Recycling
VIDEO: Israeli Soldier Shoots Handcuffed And Blindfolded Palestinian Prisoner

8,000 foreign fighters in Fata Ring Alarms Bells in Pakistan
Think tank warns US against intervention
Securing Pakistan's Tribal Belt
Local Islamist Movement Massacred in Chad after Threatening Holy War
The Rise of the Chechen Emirate?
Saudi Salafism a Stronger Force in Islamist Militancy than Recanting Clerics
Jalaluddin Haqqani Challenges Mullah Omar’s Leadership of the Taliban
An al-Qaeda Threat in the United Arab Emirates?
Heat Rises Under Iran
False Reports of Jihadists "Quitting" or Abandoning Islamic Supremacism
Al-Qaeda’s global jihad: How to win the war within Islam
Mark Steel: Wife-beating? That's fine – unless you're a Muslims
Iran test-fires more missiles in Persian Gulf
Saudi Arabia continues to shift to branded clothing, more segmented stores
Gordon Brown's visit
Al Qaeda may be sending men to Fata: Petraeus
Putting Al Qaeda On The Couch
World Dialogue Conference: King Abdullah Interview
Benny Morris Justifies Israel's Coming Attack on Iran
Inflation and the Specter of World Revolution
Memo to Obama, McCain: No one wins in a war Howard Zinn
The Adventures of the Parasite Army Why Afghanistan is Not the Good War
Iraqi PM: U.S. troops should leave as soon as possible
Tom Friedman doesn't understand why America is unpopular in the world

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