Friday, March 14, 2008

Veteran Soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan Speak on War all This Weekend Listen Live Here

If you really want to learn how to hate them for the sake of Allah listen to these "now I wanna be an apologists" describe their atrocious crimes against our brothers and sisters here - Rules of Engagement - Part 1. ( Make dua for your brothers and sisters and tell your local imam to show THIS in the masjid rather than their watered down khutbahs about the fact we are in a Medinian Period. When will they understand?
What is wrong with you that you fight not in the way of Allah and for those weak, ill treated and oppressed among men, women, and children who say: "Our Lord, bring us forth from this city whose people arc unjust, and appoint for us from Thyself a guardian, and appoint for us from Thyself a Protector!"’
(Surat-an-Nisaa’ (4), ayah 75)

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