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It seems that has been accused of high treason against the United States government by a select handful of American Conservatives connectecd to certain radical anti-Islamicist groups that are working to prevent the distribution of the message of by asserting that we are aligned and in partnership with Al-Qaeda and that we are attempting to incite an overthrow of the American government. They have therefore managed to take down our website for the time being MashaAllah...

Our purposes are very clear and we have no intention whatsoever of advocating for the Amercian government to be disposed. We want to make it perfectly clear to those that will seize this oppurtunity to point at these developments as a justification to show that our efforts have no effect. We are seeking to insert our ideas into the realm of thought in this country because we believe them to be absolutely wholeheartecdly accurate and correct. We may not feel that democratic participation will prove frutiful for any Muslim interested in protecting his or her religon whether in the West or in the East and we would certainly love to see the American people come to Islam in droves as they are increasingly doing, but what we seek is to initiate a vehement hatred of a neo-pagan corporatist system that under the guise of doctrines like free trade and imperialism is wreaking havoc across the globe. We oppose colonialism in all its manifestations and would like to see the Muslim popualtion work diligently to end the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and any other place the imperialists choose to roam. We therefore believe that the reestablishment of an Islamic caliphate and the subsequent reimplementation of the shariah across that land will protect the blood of Muslim men, women, and children and also establish a justice in the land that will alter the murderous consequnece of the nation state system as the driving system on the globe. At the same time, becasue of ignoramouses like these we must mention that the reestablishment of the caliphate is prevented by the 400 year history of western intervention in the Middle East which is most evident today in American foreign policy. To say that the caliphate could not exist alongside the western world is atrocious indeed but those that know the strength of a united Islamic block have always been passionately opposed to this. In Britain in the past and under American experts today the one thing they will never tolerate is a state under the Islamic shariah because they know it works. And so democratically elected governments in Algeria and Palestine are disregarded and the proof that democracy is the last thing wanted in the Muslim world is revealed. Anywhere Islamicist regimes get control they attack immediately even if what they have done is comendable as in the decrease in heroin production of the Taliban or the reopening of safety and the marketplace by the Somali Islamic government. It is the will of the general people to live under the shariah in the Muslim world. It is the oppression of western supported governments that prevent that realization. We seek to disallow these relationships from continuing...
These fools must remember that under an Islamic State the sovereignty of organic, ethnic and religous groups are granted autonomy and so as not to delve deep into the discussion here we want to make it clear to all onlookers that our movement is ready willing and able to defend our positon. We are not seeking to overthrow the US government only to develop grassroots efforts to help alter the policies of this country. If people like the fools at jawa report continue to have a say so in the status of this land then America and perhaps the rest of the world with it is destined for destruction. As long as the wars rage on and the economic situation worsens under the dominant paradigm of free trade and interest based economies, all of humanity will suffer. We seek justice for all and our political, economic, and social astuteness, concpetual foundation in the Islamic shariah and sincere efforts (inshallah) are truly the solution to the problem. We support self defense wholeheartecdly and will continue to do so as colonilaism, imperialism or fascism whatever you want to call it is wrong and we struggle against it no matter how far on the fringe the voice may be. is an organization with answers not rhetoric. Where the Muslim leaders have neglected so much as mentioning the collective humanity, we speak up... We will criticize the atrocities committed by Muslims as much as the atrocities committed by the US government or the private interests that truly control it. What we would like to see is someone read our content and realize that we are correct and to have the courage to stand up in the face of the oppression in defense of every human across the globe that is effected by the evil power structure that controls the world. We are people of principle not political correctness and we expect the situation ot get bleaker for the global economy and military overseas and we see no reason why systems cannot be changed, but in order to do that an educated citizenry must exist. Other Muslim leaders should step up and educate the communities about the onrushing global financial crisis, the role that the Arab client states play in it, the impermissability of legislating by other than what Allah has revealed and the historical cause of the animosity of the Muslim world and etcetera. Unfortunately, they are writng articles for Jewish magazines and speaking on unpractical terms, living up the high life of middle class America or Britain and so forth... Therefore we must do something. Where they quote the 100,000 muslims converting each year we see the actually that they are mostly brainwashed, passive, and misinformed. We seek Justice and have one thing to say to people that claim we are terrorists guilty of treason whether they be Muslim or Non-Muslim. Come sit with us, debate with us, or communicate with us. We have nothing to hide and would appreciate commincation. We have issued a new disclaimer so that we don't portray the wrong idea and we appreciate all the criticism and compliments. As the world nears depression, our views will certainly become more adhered to and you will see in the future that much of what we say will come to light whether we have a website on line, are framed up, or dead... We will unite with all organizations that want to work for justice and enjoy wholeheartedly open dialougue even with those that are opposed to what we do.... The website is coming back and we are really in need of assistance. Won't you readers come and join us to take a stand... Please help us in any way you can, it takes time and money and dedication to these causes; If you agree with us we need your help. Let's get this thing rolling, from out of the madrassas and into the streets. Won'tt you join us soon!



The website will be back soon and we will have new copies of the shaikhs debut DVD release to the Muslim community, THE MUSLIM HOME 2008-JAMAICA -. The shaikhs book 100 Fabricate Hadith is available soon and we ask that you purchase it and we thank brother Khalid who put together a group of Muslims and pooled resources to donate to the shaikh al-hamdulilah. We also should have our first Q&A with the shaikh up within the next week. Thank you all for your kind assistance and keep us in your dua!


We hereby declare and make absolute public declaration that operates under the first amendment right to freedom of religion and expression and that in no, way, shape or form do we call for war against the U.S. government or adhere to the enemies of the United States elsewhere. We do however hold the belief, as stated honestly and openly in our mission statement, that the Muslim world should be permitted to unite under the banner of Islam. To suggest that this in some way implies that the reestablishment of the caliphate would require the dismantlement of the United States government is fallacy. We seek, rather, to witness the imperialist ambitions of the United States government and especially the private tyrannies (corporations, financial institutions, military-industrial complex) that control it subside in their quest for empire and "full spectrum dominance" and we call for the relinquishment of autonomy and respect for sovereignty across the Muslim world to the people and not in the hands of the dictators, and authoritarian regimes this structure keeps in power by continuing to engage in foreign policy we feel is the root cause of all the terrorism in the world. This statement is a disclaimer and any and all information published on this website is in accordance with all local, state, and federal law and all donations and funds distributed both domestically and to the island of Jamaica go solely to further the objectives of the organization and are operated in accordance with laws for nonprofit religious, educational and charitable organizations in the United States.
This website is a collection of essays, articles, and publications for educational purposes onlyand shall not be deemed to mean that they are necessarily those of Yousef al-Khattab or Any and all messenger chats & emails sent to us may be published on this website

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