Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thinking about Policy in Philistine -

Oppurtunity for Goods, how about Freedom of Movement to defend the Palestinians?

The latest Palestinian effort in Rafa to knock down the wall and get into Egypt will be expolited to justify Israel's complete cutting off of supplies to Gaza and to put the burden on Egypt to provide goods and services. Thereby, Israel has the justification it needs to conduct massive preperations for War in Iran and is doing this only to pave the way for the climax of the Bush Administartion's departation and the end of 8 years where the Illuminazis that contol the major decision of Israel have worked diligently to formualte their "Greater Middle East" project. Israeli's are shrugging off the potential harm this could cause with an influx of weapons and terrorists coming into the territory, in fact that is exactly what they want to happen.

"Cairo now has to solve the humanitarian problem that we have been dealing with until now," said one Israeli official. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel told reporters Wednesday: "It's the responsibility of Egypt to ensure the border works properly," pointing to the agreements signed between the two states. Alavaro DeSoto, envoy from the UN to the quartet before Tony Blair's appointment had commented on the papers that highlight his resignation that the withholding of money owed to the Palestinians and the shutting off of movement between Gaza and Egypt was a dominat cause of the decreasing conditions of Hama led Palestine as it greatly effected their economy. This downplaying by Israeli state heads seems to suggest that the covert arm of the Israelis is planning something major and perhaps this is serving as a destraction for a full-fledged assault. We can only hope that millions of Muslims will cross this now open border in droves and that they lay siege on Israel by way of Gaza, we at Revolution Muslim implore the apsotate leaders and the capable citizenry to support efforts to defend Philistine and pray that Alah wioll foil the plans of the Satanic state of Israel. Let the muslims expolit this oppurtunity to assist our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Millions of brothers could flood by way of Egypt into Gaza and then on into the non-existent state of Israel. While this is an unlikely scenario, it is the only strategy that will have any real effect. Muslims must resist the oocupation, we must take back control of our territories. Hasni Mubarrak and the rest of the dictators in the region will see to it that this oppurtunity is wasted. Where is our contemporary Saluddin? We pray that Allah grants those brave enough with the victory. The next stage in the battle for the "greater Middle East" is upon the horizon. May Allah give victory to Islam.

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