Friday, January 18, 2008

'Israel' Attacks Gaza in Preparation for Attack on Iran

Israel attacked Gaza today as Bush departed from his Middle East trip. What we see here is in actuality is nothing less than preparation for an Israeli preemptive attack on Iran . The attacks in Gaza are to prevent any mobilization for retaliation after the Israeli's attack Iran by air. Think of it as a test run. This is occurring as the Zionist controlled dollar bill faces hyperinflation and as the rest of the world considers abandoning the dollar as their reserve currency and thereby causing an economic tidal wave that could easily break apart control over all currencies. The fools that represent the Muslim ummah, namely the leaders of the oil rich states, play along as they continue to peg their currencies to the dollar and in fact the Rothschild-Jewish banking elite have control over the central banks of every country on the globe either directly or indirectly (check out the scheme on our youtube videtorial for this month). There are a few exceptions and every country where there is no central bank dominated by the Zionists seems to be one on an 'axis of evil,' list or at least one highly criticized in the Zionist controlled western media; Sudan, Iran, North Korea and Iraq prior to their being occupied represent the last central bank hurdles for total Jewish, Anglo-American dominance and an attack on Iran is virtually inevitable. Bush was obviously in the Middle East to discuss this reality and we can expect to see a quick air strike by the Israeli air force that will destroy the industrial progress of the Iranian nation over the next few months. The press will certainly downplay the effects as the murder of innocents will not be discussed and far greater numbers of Iranians will be killed than on 9-11. The world won't wake up as there is seemingly nothing you can do about the army of the dajjal. needs your voices, your time, your efforts and your input so that we can counteract these deceptions. Our astute political analysis will allow us to accurately predict developments like these, but the question remains what are we going to do about it. We need organization. Get involved… The believer is never bit from the same hole twice, but we continue to be stung as we allow our land and resources to be dominated by those that hate our deen. Rise Up Ya Muslimun!!! You have only the dunya to lose and only the hereafter to gain! The question we need to ask ourselves every day is: What Have I Done For Islam Lately?
***Our struggle is strictly political and non-violent

Yunus Abdullah Muhammad

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